Mudavadi ‘bitter’ with Raila after meeting with Uhuru

ANC party boss Musalia Mudavadi with NASA chief Raila Odinga. []

NASA co-principal Musalia Mudavadi has rubbished President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga’s meeting on Friday saying it was not inclusive.

Mudavadi in statement on Saturday maintained that the understating between the two leaders strictly remains between them and that is not NASA’s position.

“NASA is not opposed to dialogue but yesterday’s meeting was a Memorandum Of Understanding between two people which is not inclusive, the party has been agitating for an inclusive and structured dialogue,” Mudavadi lamented.

“The meeting was between two individuals and it does not bear the imprint of NASA Summit as it ought to be.”

He said that the decision that Raila took to work with Uhuru was not a coalition position because it was not processed and agreed on by the structures set by the coalition.

He categorically said that though dialogue is paramount between the main political players in the country, issues of electoral injustice cannot be wished away in a jiffy.

“Although dialogue is a way out, the country is not ready to sweep electoral injustices under the carpet and move on,” he stated.

He reiterated that as co-principals in NASA, they were not consulted.

“For the record and on basis of the statement released, I can therefore categorically state that the meeting was between two individuals,” added Mudavadi who addressed the press in Mombasa according to the Star.

“The question asked by our supporters is where the other three Nasa co-principals were. The answer is that we were neither aware, briefed, consulted nor invited.”

On Friday morning, Raila met with Uhuru at Harambee House where they were holed up in a meeting before they finally came out and addressed the press.

Raila in his address said they will work together with Uhuru to unite Kenyans after a prolonged electioneering period which left Kenyans largely divided.

The two leaders also agree to set up a joint office to implement some of the issue highlighted throughout the talks.

Some of the issues include corruption, devolution, governance, inclusivity, ethnic harmonization and respect for human rights.