Mugiithi maestro Mighty Salim is dead

Mighty Salim
Deceased Mugiithi maestro Mighty Salim. [Photo: Twitter]

Barely a day after Mugiithi maestro Timothy Njuguna alias Mighty Salim hosted his brother, Salim Junior’s fifth memorial service, he has passed on.

Mighty Salim took his last breath on Sunday. He had on Saturday led his family in celebrating the life and times of his brother Salim Junior who was also a great Mugiithi artiste.

In 2003, he was diagnosed with diabetes, a condition which he managed over the years until his started getting sickly.

It is then that doctors diagnosed him with kidney failure. In 2018, reports emerged that he had been bedridden after the condition got worse.

A fundraiser to raise Ksh2.5 million to have a kidney transplant was organized the following year in 2019 but friends and political associates did not turn up as was expected.

Since then, he has appeared in several TV and radio interviews where he has explained about his condition and made a special appeal to well-wishers to help him since the cost of treatment weighed him down financially.

Before his death, the deceased castigated his fellow artistes and politicians for turning a blind eye on the people who ask for medical aid from them.

He took issue with politicians who failed to pick his calls or those who made him visit their offices in the push for medical aid but ended up failing him.

Sadly, he said that there was a politician who issued him a fake cheque when he sought for his help.

Here is his post: “Allow me to speak my heart coz this hurts so much…radio stations & presenter…politicians…sio vizuri kuignore msanii wakati ako na shida na akiaga mnakuwa first kutangaza na kuomboleza. Nimezunguka kwenyu sana na simu nimepiga nyingi kwenu and I might not succeed or leave forever.

Maisha yangu iko mikonono mwa mungu wangu nife ama niishi ni mapenzi yake mola…but hii sio poa kama huwezi nisaidia nikiwa uhai, hata nikifa usikuje. Maiti hakuhitaji na hahitaji pesa,” part of the post read.

He added: “Waheshimiwa pia, wacheni kutuhitaji wakati wa compain pekee. It really pains kupigia mtu over 10 times akisema ako meeting…kuja kwa station like 10 times…it hurts…and to my friend politician, I am still keeping the fake cheque…its now four months bless you…”