Murkomen launches 10-minute chopper ride to reward top KCSE performers

Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen has devised a new way to reward top performers in KCSE from Sing’ore Girls’ high school.

The school which was ranked among the best performing schools in last year’s KCSE will have its top performers treated to a 10-minute chopper ride courtesy of the Elgeyo Marakwet Senator.

Yesterday, the top performers in 2017 KCSE from Sing’ore enjoyed the maiden ride which Murkomen though his twitter handle said was meant to motivate others to work hard.

“As a reward for their exemplary performance, I offered a ten minutes chopper ride to the top five students.

“I am told it has motivated and excited the student community. Viva Sing’ore Girls! Viva EMC,” wrote Murkomen on twitter.

Sing’ore Girls’ posted a mean core of 69.9 in 2017 KCSE beating other giants such as Kenya High and Mangu High.

It also beat Alliance High which posted a mean score of 68.6.