Muthee Kiengei stirs controversy with commentary on Bill and Melinda Gates divorce

Muthee Kiengei
Muthee Kiengei. [Photo: Courtesy]

Pastor Benson Gathungu alias Muthee Kiengei stirred the waters with a commentary on the news of Bill and Melinda Gates divorce on Tuesday morning.

Bill and Melinda shared the news with the world on their decision to end their marriage of 27 years.

The couple who met in the 1980s at Microsoft in a statement to the world said that: “We continue to share a belief in that mission and will continue our work together at the foundation, but we no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in the next phase of our lives.”

Kiengei who has been a subject after his first wife who he divorced five years ago Keziah wa Kariuki got engaged recently said that separation knows no bounds.

The Kameme FM breakfast show presenter said that divorce hit the rich and the poor and when it comes in, nothing stops it.

“Either Rich or Poor, DIVORCE has nothing to Learn about, it’s the unfortunate thing that happens between a Happy Vow that later turns sour…Both Bill and Melinda’s case is now a new pepper in a Good sauce, Why and How at their age? Why after 27 years of a good and a successful life? Did they differ ideologically? Did anyone of them went against their Vow? Did Greed led one partner? Who belittled who?” he posted.

Moments later, some criticized him over the post reminding him that he let go Keziah five years ago.

However, Kiengei hit back at the critics saying most of them are people who are not married yet.

“Again I understand that majority of ignorant comments are from single people who have never set their feet in marriage,” he retorted.

Kiengei said that being real is the best remedy calling on partners to pray for their marriages.

He said that he is lad out of his mistakes he has passed a lesson to generations who can avoid divorces.

Kiengei said that speaking up is a way to learn and heal from things that weigh one down in marriage.

“MARRIAGE WORKS, MAINTAIN IT WITH PRAYERS. I thank God that someone can use my mistakes to mend his torn marriage before a break up.

“How many people today are living in their marriage Wishing to go out and Never to be seen again? How many people are nursing broken body parts, observing with pain the scars inflicted in their marriages? Speaking up is learning and healing,” he advised.

Bill and Melinda have three children together. Bill met Melinda at Microsoft, a firm that he owned.