Muthee Kiengei’s first wife, Keziah wa Kariuki gets engaged years after divorce

Keziah wa Kariuki
Media personality cum gospel artiste Keziah wa Kariuki. [Photo: Courtesy]

Gospel artist and media personality Keziah wa Kariuki has bid goodbye to the single mothers club after announcing her engagement on Friday.

It took many by surprise.

Keziah’s relationship status has been, somewhat, complicated given that she has in the past spoken of her divorce with Gatundu AIPCA pastor and Kameme FM Breakfast Show ‘Arahuka’ co-host Pastor Ben alias Muthee Kiengei.

From her first marriage, she bore Muthee Kiengei a baby girl who they have been raising togther.

Kiengei identifies himself as a man of God who prides in having two wives, in reference to Keziah and Ashley Mugure who is his second wife.

Sometime last year, Kiengei and Keziah were the talk of town after showing up at a church in Utawala where he was the guest preacher. He introduced Keziah as his wife, much to the joy of the congregation.

Keziah who also spoke acknowledged that she is the preacher’s wife.

On Friday though, she was the subject of debate as she posted photos of her new catch who engaged her.

She cozied up in his arms and shone a beautiful smile, reminiscent of happiness that comes with love.

“Happiness and peace of mind is all that counts. Not about anybody’s opinion but how you feel. Thank you God for this far. I found love,” she captioned her post.

As soon as Keziah’s photos of her engagement went viral, her ex-husband would write a post in Kikuyu dialect telling people that he is now a husband of one wife only.

“I now have one wife, are you happy?” he posted but later pulled down the post.

Keziah together with Kiengei’s second wife jointly celebrated her daughter’s birthday and sparked a debate on co-existence with co-wives.

Kiengei has severally referenced his polygamous marriage and advises men to make things work between their multiple wives.