Mwenda Mbijiwe’s driver disappeared without a trace on June 12

Mwenda Mbijiwe
Mwenda Mbijiwe. [Photo: courtesy]

A driver attached to missing security expert Mwenda Mbijiwe is missing, his family reports.

The driver Mathew Muhatia Namasaka went missing on June 12. It was the same day the Mbijiwe also went missing without a trace to date.
Muhatia’s second wife, Cynthia Salome Watai told the Standard that her husband left their Kawangware home at around 5 am after receiving a call from Mbijiwe.

He promised to return later but did not disclose the purpose of the early morning meeting with his boss.

Salome said Muhati and Mbijiwe were very close and hung out together. She recalled that Mbijiwe last year spent a night at Muhatia’s rural home in Kitale.

“They were close friends who enjoyed cracking jokes when together,” said Salome speaking of her husband of six years.

The day before Muhatia went missing, Salome recalled that Mbijiwe, who runs Eye on Security, passed by their home to meet with Muhatia.
They spoke in Mbijiwe’s car for an hour a report she filed at the Muthangari Police Station reads.

During the meeting, she walked over to the car went over to speak to their guest, and he promised to take them on holiday in December.

They then left for a few hours, and Muhatia returned home at 4 pm.

She did not ask about their whereabouts earlier in the day.

“I prepared him water to shower then we had supper before retiring to bed,” she said.