My amputation scars have made me stronger; Jane Mutua inspires the hopeless

Jane Mutua
Jane Gathoni Mutua. [Photo: Courtesy]

After nine months of pregnancy, it was finally time for Jane Gathoni Mutua to hold her bundle of joy only that she did not know that life would take a dramatic turn a week later.

Jane’s story is nothing short of a miracle; when she looks back two years down the line, she thanks God for the gift of life.

In August 2019, Jane delivered her first child and everything was well. She was discharged and went home to take care of her little one.

Two days later, she developed a cough, fatigue and numbness on her left hand but she did not bother much thinking it was normal after delivery.

Days later, the symptoms degenerated to waves of high body temperature and pale fingers.

“The symptoms continued and now we noticed my temperatures were going up. The alarming symptom was when my husband noticed my fingers have turned pale,” she told Jamhuri News in an exclusive interview.

She was taken to the hospital immediately and by the time she got there, her oxygen levels were dangerously low. She had to be put on an oxygen support machine and tests carried out.

Jane was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism, sepsis and pneumonia which saw her spend three weeks in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Doctors said that there was a clot in her heart that caused the pulmonary embolism – caused by blood clots that block the pulmonary arteries in the lungs.

Her biggest change in life was while she was battling for her life in the ICU; her left-hand fingers and left toes turned black and doctors advised that the only way out was amputation.

“Things happened so fast and after two days of being in the ICU, my left fingers and left toes turned black. They had become gangrenous due to a lack of blood supply.

“After some days of observing and receiving treatment, the doctors broke the news that amputation as the way to go to avoid further damage of the left hand and left leg. Now this was a blow for me and my family,” she plaintively recounts.

Her left foot toes had to be amputated as well as a part of her left hand.

Jane recovered and was transferred to the general ward for a week where she was observed before being discharged. But all that ran through her mind was how much life would change for her.

After her discharge, she had to undergo a six-month blood thinner cycle to avoid the recurrence of the clot that led to pulmonary embolism. Doctors finally gave her a clean bill of health.

Jane’s hardest moment in life then kicked in as she tried to adjust and make changes in life from shoes to how she does things. She battled moments of denial, anger, bitterness and self-bargaining but her husband Samuel Mutua and family stood with her.

A year later, she has accepted her new life and appreciates that her husband has been supportive all through but above all, that God gave her a second chance.

“I am always encouraged by the fact that the scars will always remind me of God’s deliverance.”

Jane is grateful that even with the changes in her life, her marriage remains strong.

Jane Mutua with her husband Samuel Mutua. [Photo: Courtesy]

“I am grateful for my husband who has stood by me, has continued to love me even with the changes. It was not easy for him but God has enabled him to remain sober and strong,” she adds.

She is thankful for her parents – maternal and paternal – for being with her throughout the journey. They took care of her baby while she was in the ICU and afterwards when she couldn’t do much for herself.

Jane also appreciates her friends who fundraised Ksh2.2 million for her hospital bill.

All in all, she is a believer in the word and urged everyone to remain steadfast to the gospel and always give thanks daily because life can be unpredictable.

“God is real, He is our provider. He fights our battles and he can be trusted. My relationship with God has enabled me to heal faster and I am grateful for this,” she offers.

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