My last bath was on Sunday, laments Miguna

Lawyer Miguna Miguna. [sde]

Embattled lawyer and self-proclaimed NRM ‘general’ Miguna Miguna has compared his life at a detention centre at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to a “dog’s life”.

Miguna was detained on Monday after his arrival from Canada. His detention came after he refused to board a plane back to Canada which marked his second but failed deportation attempt by the state.

In a statement on Wednesday according to Daily Nation, he said he has been locked up “inside a tiny and filthy toilet without access to basic hygiene and necessities of life.”

“The respondents haven’t provided me with food, water and medical attention in addition to not according me my right to counsel,” he added.

Miguna who has been held incommunicado said his living conditions are inhabitable.

“I have no access to a bathroom and I have not taken a shower since Sunday, March 25th.  The toilet where I am being held has no shower or bathtub.

There is only hot water in the toilet, hence, I am also unable to wash my face and brush my teeth.”

It is not yet clear if or not Miguna will be produced in court by 9am as ordered by High Court Judge Roselyn Aburili on Tuesday.

The court orders which were pasted on glass walls at JKIA were issued after his legal team turned to the courts for help.

However, despite having been served, authorities involved are still holding Miguna.

“Despite the court order, and as they have done consistently before, the respondents have not released me,” he lamented.

“They have locked out my lawyers from accessing me since my illegal detention last evening. They also unsuccessfully attempted to evade service of the court order.”

He condemned the manner in which police roughed him up in full glare of cameras trying to force him to leave the country.

“In full view of the media, and therefore the entire world, the respondents physically assaulted me, tore my clothes, refused to allow me to re-enter Kenya.”

He said he will continue resisting any attempt by government to grant him a conditional visa as a foreigner.

“I wish to make it clear that I will not permit the respondents to continue violating my constitutional and legal rights through arbitrary bureaucratic fiats.”