My most uncomfortable interview was with Waihiga Mwaura – Jane Mariott

Waihiga Mwaura. [Photo: Courtesy]
Waihiga Mwaura. [Photo: Courtesy]

British High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Mariott has praised the Kenyan media saying that has shown how much it is independent.

Mariott in a speech during the Kenya Editors’ Guild Press Club in Nairobi recently said that she felt challenged by Citizen TV’s Waihiga Mwaura.

Waihiga interviewed Mariott a month ago following the break out of a fire at the Loldaiga Conservancy where the British Army train.

However, she knew Waihiga had a right to ask the hard questions without fear.

“You will all recall the fire in March that started in Loldaiga Conservancy. It was not our best moment. We invited Waihiga to my house, and he put me through my paces. It was uncomfortable. He was asking difficult questions. It was not the most enjoyable interview I have ever done in my life,” she recalled according to Citizen Digital.

“But I completely defend Waihiga’s right, and your collective right, to ask those questions and hold us to account. That is what the media is there to do, and we’re all better for it,” the British envoy to Kenya said.

According to the Daily Mail, a huge fire engulfed the vast Loldaiga training grounds with at least 8,000 acres left earth black from the fire.

The elephants are said to have been outside the training area which is electrically fenced to keep them away from their training base.

However, Mariott at the Editor’s Guild event denied that there were elephants killed during the fire incident.