My saga with Karen Nyamu hit me harder than Covid – Samidoh

Samidoh and his sassy baby mama Karen Nyamu. [Photo: Courtesy]

For Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh, 2021 has been a challenging year just like 2020 was courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But 2021 presented a unique challenge that almost ruined his image as an artist and a family man thanks to an illicit affair with city lawyer-cum-politician Karen Nyamu.

In a recent interview with Nation, the mugiithi maestro said his public knowledge of his affair with Nyamu put him to his lowest moment in 2021.

“The pandemic has hit us hard. Chancing on a show is a near miracle nowadays…We are in real trouble. But this issue of my public prominence for all the bad reasons appeared destined to ransack my life and leave it completely bared,” he stated.

His affair with the politician who is now a mother of his young song troubled his family for a while.

But they have moved past it.

Samidoh remarked that he is not letting this weigh him down hitting out at bloggers allegedly out to ruin his life.

He said that he has survived life-threatening situations and no one can push him over.

“There is no way I could survive Al-Shabaab bullets while serving in some of the volatile parts of north-eastern counties only to come and be brought down by keyboard warriors who were armed with nothing more than mere toxic words,” Samidoh retorted.

Above all, his low moments in 2021 have brought him closer to God.

“Today I can tell you for sure that my God liveth. The issue is now behind me and we are all coping alright…But I have a word of caution for the social media battalions…we are all human with our own flaws…let us not be quick to compete driving our fellow human beings over the emotional cliff.”