Mystery as Bungoma woman carries pregnancy for 15 months but is yet to deliver

An expectant woman. [Photo courtesy]

It is unheard of for a woman to carry a pregnancy for 15 months and counting but this is a reality in Naburereya village, Bungoma County.

Metrine Simiyu, a 24-year-old woman has been expectant for 15 months now and shows no sign of delivering. Normally, a woman carries a pregnancy for nine months for about 36 weeks.

Now, her life is in danger from post-term complications which are triggered by a pregnancy beyond 40 weeks. Even her unborn child is still at risk.

Her family is now apprehensive not knowing what to do next or what has caused this.

“I don’t know what is happening with me, this is my fifteenth month since I conceived and there is no any sign of me giving birth soon, my gestation period has exceeded by 6 more months, am now living in fear of losing my child,” she told Nairobi News in an exclusive interview.

She added: “Am now confused, this issue has left my family, neighbours and friends in shock on weather am carrying a baby or something else.”
She conceived in mid-2019 after her marriage two years ago, she had two miscarriages.

This, she says, could be a reason why she has carried the pregnancy by another six months.

She is now appealing to doctors to help her.

“When I was still at my mother’s home I couldn’t imagine of a miscarriage and face this problem I plead to those who might know the problem to come and help me,” she pleaded.

Her mother-in-law Carolyn Shikuku said they have tried seeking help but it has been futile. All they have left is prayers.

Those who were attending prenatal clinics with Simiyu have already delivered. For her though, she says that doctors said the baby is all right the last time she went for a checkup.