Nairobi woman arrested in connection with Sh140m Dubai heist

A Kenyan woman who is wanted in the United Arab Emirates in connection with Sh140 million (Dh5 million) heist in Dubai has been arrested at the Namanga border following a tip-off from Immigration officials who realised that her passport had been flagged.

The woman who is wanted together with two more Kenyans led the International Criminal Police Organisation, Interpol to her home in Ruai, where they seized Sh13 million believed to be part of the loot.

Ms. Mweni is suspected to have escaped together with Mr. Karanja who is being reported by Khaleej Times to have been working as a security guard in Dubai.

Mr Karanja was arrested two weeks after the robbery at an apartment in Al Nahda, Sharjah by Dubai police.

Dubai’s Ministry of International Corporation requested the Kenyan authorities for help in tracing the two Kenyans.

The two, are suspected to have stolen the money from a vehicle that was transporting the cash to an ATM at a popular shopping mall in the city.