Nakuru mother recalls six-month-old son’s battle with COVID-19

Lucy Maina
Lucy Maina, wit baby Ethan. [Photo: Standard]

Miracles happen every day in life and Lucy Maina knows this all too well.

In October, her then six-month-old baby Ethan developed a fever and assumed that it was normal. She gave him the usual medication to bring the fever down but it did not go away.

Soon after, Ethan lost his appetite and developed a persistent cough, cried more and couldn’t sleep well.

When she took him to Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital, he tested positive for COVID-19. Interestingly, she had recovered from the same a few weeks before.

“My baby could not sleep, he was cranky and restless. I was worried and took him for several tests that turned negative. But on further assessments and tests, he tested positive for Covid-19. I was devastated,” she narrated to the Standard.

This was so shocking to her that she could not believe it at first.

 “I always thought that the baby was safe in my hands. When I tested positive, I made sure I followed all protocols to keep my baby safe from the virus. But now that he was positive I was shocked. How would I isolate him when he was still breastfeeding?” she wondered.

Her luck was that Ethan was in a stable condition and the doctors advice der to isolate at home but breastfeed him.

She was also advised to always have a face mask on when handling him and clean her hands thoroughly with soap and water. She then decided to isolate the baby in the living room.

Ten days later, baby Ethan managed to beat the virus and tested negative for a second test.

She recalls that it was a trying moment for the family that got accustomed to wearing masks even in the house

“We had good and bad days. I used to wake up early morning and bask in the sun, to avoid passing the virus to my children. I was always in a face mask,” she recounted.