Nakuru’s ‘tweeting chief’ Francis Kariuki is dead

Lanet Umoja 'tweeting chief' Francis Kariuki. [Photo: Nation]

Lanet Umoja chief Francis Kariuki who is populary known as the ‘tweeting chief’ is dead.

The news of his death were first shared by Nation.

According to the daily, Kariuki dies at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital today (Wednesday), his son Ken Kariuki confirmed.

It is still not yet clear what the cause of death was.

Kariuki was known for his astuteness in using Twitter to fight crime in his jurisdiction.

The deceased graduated from Mount Kenya University in 2015 with a degree in counselling and psychology.

He had 60,000 followers on Twitter and would reach those not using smartphones via text messages.

Lanet Umoja which he was in charge of has a population of an estimated 28,000 people.

Kariuki is a former school principal who would later become a chief to better the society.

 “There are all sorts of problems that will come up. From a child who has fallen to a pit, a robbery, or fundraising for a student whose parents are struggling with school fees. But the beauty of it is seeing the impact. Seeing people coming together united in a cause and solving these problems. That is what makes it worth doing,” he said during a past interview.