Narok Governor speaks on near-death experience after helicopter crash Saturday

Chopper crash
A chopper that crashed-landed In Narok while Governor Samuel Ole Tunai was onboard. [Photo: Citizen]

Narok Governor Samuel ole Tunai his survival following his near-death helicopter crash on Saturday as sheer luck.

Tunai, a second-time governor was lucky to escape with bruises as the chopper ferrying him and three others from a funeral ceremony in the county crash-landed at Ildamat area.

Speaking from his hospital bed at the Aga Khan Hospital where he was admitted shortly after the accident, he said that it was a lucky escape.

The helicopter crashed 50 metres away from a cliff.

“It was by luck it crashed there and I think the pilot tried to control it at that point. It could have been disastrous had it flown a few metres away from where it crashed,” he said family and friends who visited him in hospital.

He escaped with bruises fearing that the plane would catch fire since fuel was leaking.

However, the pilot of the helicopter Marc Gross blamed the accident on bad weather and not mechanical problems.

Gross said that the weather and high altitude were to blame for what happened, reports Nation.

“There was no mechanical problem. Nobody was injured as all of us came out well. Things just happened in a blink of an eye and that is it,” said the pilot.

“I have finished writing the full report on the crash and a team of investigators has instructed me not to talk to the media,” he added.

Before the incident, it is reported that the chipper belonging to Mara Elephant Project had failed to take off five times.

When it finally took off, it was headed to Narok Town to drop Tunai.

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) Director-General Gilbert Kibe said that investigations into the incident have been launched.

“The aircraft investigation department of the ministry of Transport Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public works has already initiated the investigation and will inform the public once the investigations are concluded,” KCAA said in a statement.

Gross who doubles up as Mara Elephant Project chief executive has over the years flown over Narok driving elephants away from human settlements and responding to calls of poaching or wildlife injuries.