September 18, 2019

NASA launches Adopt-a-bus-station in Nairobi to stem mass exodus of voters

Opposition leaders in the city have come out to urge their supporters to stop leaving the Capitol fearing eruption of violence during the polls.

On Sunday, Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero and Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama launched an initiative dubbed Adopt-a-bus-station which is aimed at stemming mass exodus of city voters to their rural homes.

The voters fear that there may erupt election related violence on or after August 8, thus, their decision to return to their rural homes.

A spot check at Machakos Country Bus Station confirmed that many people are travelling to their rural homes upcountry fearing violence after the polls.

But Kidero assured them that there will be no violence during the polls.

“We do not want you to go back home. Let us adopt bus stations and stop people from departing to their rural homes. There will be no violence as the elections will be peaceful and there is no need for people to go back home,” Kidero said as Nairobi News reports.

He attended a meeting with Luhya community representatives at Nyayo stadium.

Kidero promised elaborate security in the city during the electioneering period.

Muthama on his part said mass exodus of voters from Nairobi which he described as a NASA vote-rich county does not augur well for the coalition as many votes will be lost.

He said this was a way to hand Jubilee seats and votes in huge amounts in the city.

“Let us not spoil votes by going home. Let us ensure we send this government home on August 8 but this will only be done if we all remain to vote en masse on the election day,” stated Muthama.

Some youths at the terminus have since started asking for details of registration and voting centres and only those who have registered as voters in their rural homes are being allowed to travel.

This is in a bid to stem the mass exodus.