NASA supporters lynch DP Ruto over jibe tweet mocking Raila

With results from the repeat poll quickly trickling in and putting President Uhuru Kenyatta on the lead, Deputy President has termed the victory “the supreme will of Kenyan people.”

So far, the President has garnered over 7.3 million votes.

Ruto says that it does not matter how popular one is or how powerful he is; the voice of the people is always supreme.

“Evidently it doesn’t matter how powerful/popular one or their party imagines to be, the repeat elections confirm the people are supreme,” tweeted the DP on Saturday.

However, this post seemingly did not sit very well with perceived NASA supporters.

They did not spare the DP their wrath insisting Jubilee has also rigged this time round.

Opiyo Polycarp noted: “Crap! The voter turnout was 28℅, but you people are forcing it to hit 8M,, shame on you!!! Shame!!!” said Brian Kahonga.”

Julius Oluoch: “I think stealing money from the government and grabbing people’s land is more popular, and that explains your popularity now.”

Macdonald Lumumuba: “Kipindupindu is more supreme than you… You defeated everyone including voter turnout . Thieves.”

Munje: “Kenyans are tired of unethical politicians like u..the type that jubilee breeds. We will redeem Kenya at all costs.”

Ryan Mubobo: “Explain to me people supremacy in Mandera West “hounarable” Deputy President.”

Sir John Bosco: “The cooking skills are more supreme…doesnt matter if you show up and vote .. JP will rig all way !!”

Opiyo Polycarp: “Evidently it doesn’t matter how @UKenyatta powerful OR @JubileePartyK imagines to be, the sham election Confirms the rigging is supreme!”

Derrick Lwatati: “You are a dreamer my fren. If truly your focus is on numbers and not the lives of Kenyans being lost, then we are truly a cursed nation.”

But there are those who strongly defended Ruto amplifying his statement that the supreme will of the people is much powerful that a party or a popular politician.

“For the first time since 1997, Raila Odinga will not claim his votes were stolen. They were safe with his people at home,” said Stanley Igneious.

“Now NRM [is] whhinning at DPs timeline, endeni kwa msitu sasa (go to the forest now), democracy imewakataa (not with you),” said Maembe.

“Exactly his Excellency……The next President of Kenya,” said Thuita Kings.