December 13, 2018

NASA’s People’s Assembly suspended after Uhuru-Raila talks

NASA head strategists David Ndii speaking at the Okoa Kenya offices. []

The opposition, National Super Alliance (NASA) has suspended the People’s Assembly following Friday’s talks between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

On Monday, Steering committee chairman David Ndii during a press conference on Monday at Okoa Kenya offices said they have resolved to suspend the Assembly and reason together.

“We have accepted and we acknowledge that it’s better to reason together than alone,” said Ndii as quoted by the Star.

He added: “We are therefore suspending the people’s assembly process.”

In reference to the ongoing talks between Raila and Uhuru, he said he is optimistic they will achieve the core agenda of uniting Kenyans.

He said that such a move should not be used by anyone to acquire power.

“…the process will acknowledge that tribalism is not a name but a means used to acquire power,” noted the NASA strategist calling for honesty and courage among the players in the dialogue.

He lauded Raila for agreeing to dialogue with the President on issues that have continually dogged the country and are steering it to the drain.

“A nation is shared…this is the glue that holds us together…we must commend the two leaders because we have not had leaders do that in the past,” he went on.

However, Ndii warned that they will not hesitate to resume with the people’s assembly if the President and his team breach the term of their pact.

He said that the talks that are now geared towards uniting Kenyans should be embraced by everyone since there were no prior negotiations o if Raila and Uhuru should dialogue; just talks between the two leaders.

“The memorandum is an individual initiative by the two leaders. As friends and compatriots, we are remaining vigilant and we ask Kenyans to join hands so that we can do this together.”

The people’s assembly was introduced shortly after the bungled August 8, 2017 polls. The assembly would among other things fight for a better Kenya in the governance sector.

Also, the assembly would push for a referendum to correct historical electoral injustices that have tainted the credibility of elections in Kenya.

In the Friday meeting, Uhuru and Raila agreed on several issues that will be worked on henceforth as a way to achieve unity across the country and address pitfalls within the current governance system such as inclusivity.



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