Ndii reveals Jubilee’s debt plan to remain in power

NASA strategist and economist David Ndii []

NASA head strategist and renowned economist Dr David Ndii has launched a scathing attack on Jubilee administration.

Ndii says Jubilee has resorted to borrowing colossal amounts of money to retain power.

Speaking in Kwale recently during a consultative forum on the People’s Assembly, he said Jubilee has no interests in strengthening devolution; its interest is in centralizing power.

He said Jubilee does not share the money it borrows with the counties which is a plan to remain in power.

“But when it comes to payment, that is taken from the revenue first. So we are re-centralising our finances by borrowing,” said Ndii as quoted by the Star.

He added that by next year, Kenya’s foreign debt will increase.

“It has doubled already under Jubilee and in the next year it’s going to increase by another one third.”

The economist is a big critic of Jubilee administration.

He first sparked the secession debate that has gained traction in opposition strongholds.

The latest secession push is being fuelled by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and his Kilifi Counterpart Amason Kingi.

The two coast leaders want the region to secede, a move that NASA chief Raila Odinga has spoken against.

Raila on Sunday objected the secession push and said he opts for dialogue.