Never flirt with your customer no matter how fine she is – Samidoh advises entrepreneurs

Samidoh. [Photo: Courtesy]

Mugiithi singer Samuel Muchoki, alias Samidoh has advised young entrepreneurs on going to bed with their customers.

Samidoh was more specific in his address. He was addressing young men who are times carried away by the beauty of their female customers.

In a witty but hilarious piece of advice, Samidoh said boundaries are everything.

“To all young kings in business, you never flirt with a customer no matter how fine she is,” he wrote on his social media pages.

But, this sparked an interesting debate in his illicit affair with city lawyer and politician Karen Nyamu, with whom they have a son.

One of his fans named Betty Betty Bee took him to task for “preaching water and taking wine.”

Betty asked him how he would advise that, yet he did the same thing with Nyamu.

“But did you not do that with Karen Nyamu yet she was one of your fans?” she posed.

However, the ‘Ndiri Mutwe Mwega’ singer cheekily responded to this, saying, “A customer is allowed to flirt with the buyer.”

A few months ago, his affair with Nyamu made headlines as she served Kenyans intimate details of their relationship.

While Samidoh always wanted his affair with Nyamu kept off the public eye, Nyamu said their son had a right to be recognized by his father.

She said what pained her was that Samidoh kept him a secret while he publicly paraded his two other children with his first wife, Edday Muchoki.

Speaking of the whole saga a month ago, Samidoh confessed that this saga hit him harder than the Covid-19 pandemic.

The fact that bloggers were on top of the issue, complicated the matrix.

“But I have a word of caution for the social media battalions…we are all human with our own flaws…let us not be quick to compete, driving our fellow human beings over the emotional cliff.”