New guidelines: Kenyans travelling to US should be at the Airport three hours before the flight

The United States Government has issued new guidelines for Kenyans seeking to travel to the states.

The regulations now require anyone seeking to travel to the US to arrive at the airport three hours before the scheduled hour of flight.

This will allow for elaborate security checks and interviews, reports Nairobi News.

In June, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) asked 180 airlines in 105 countries to carry out enhanced security checks through screening and interviews.

The new security procedure will be conducted at the airlines’ ticket desk.

Among issues to be verified are duration of stay, and addresses in the US. There will be more security related questions.

So far, internationally recognized airlines have confirmed they have been asked by the US to institute more elaborate and tough security checks.

“In addition to the controls of electronic devices already introduced, travelers to the USA might also now face short interviews at check-in, document, check or gate,” Lufthansa airline official told AFP.

Emirates, Air France and Norwegian Air are other Airlines which confirmed they have received the tough call by the US.

Emirates said passengers boarding flights to the US will undergo pre-screening at the check-in counter while Air France will institute additional security interview.

The US is frantically trying to control the entry of immigrants and refugees to the country as well as members of outlawed terror groups like Islamic State who may smuggle bombs aboard the flights.

Last week, US legislators from the House Homeland Security Committee toured various airports in Europe and Middle East with an aim of assessing their security checks and discussing counter-terrorism measures.