NGOs board orders investigation into Sh530 million in Rosemary Odinga’s foundation accounts

Rosemary Odinga

The NGOs board has ordered the freezing of accounts belonging to Key Empowerment Foundation Kenya, an NGO associated with Rosemary Odinga.

Executive director Fazul Mahamed said the NGO received Sh. 530 million from George Soros Foundation through what he called ”illegal unauthorized bank accounts”.

A letter sent to CBK governor Patrick Njoroge on Tuesday and verified by The Star newspaper shows that Fazul informed the CBK governor that the NGO has not complied with regulations.

“The aid agency that has funded the foundation is associated with subterfuge political activities globally and nefarious regime change tactics,” he said.

Fazul recommended that the CBK governor identify and mark for “no debit no credit” all accounts held under the NGO.

“…initiate immediate preservation of all funds held under the said foundation within 24 hours, effective the date of this communication,” he said.

The NGOs Coordination Board boss also noted that the funds are aimed at financing a political agenda, which is against charitable organizations’ policies.

According to The Star, the NGO directors are Rosemary Odinga(Trustee and patron), Jaqueline Moraa (chairperson) and Meshack Odede (secretary), Harold Omondi (treasurer) Sandra Adhiambo (board member), Salome Owuonda (board member).

In an interview with Fazul, Moraa said that all the officials of the NGO are just Rosemary’s surrogates.

“She said Rosemary is the one who runs all the affairs and financial transactions of the foundation,” said Fazul.

Fazul also added that Moraa claimed suspicious operations are taking place in the foundation

The NGO board ordered Financial Reporting Centre to launch investigations into the foundation’s accounts.

“FRC is further requested to investigate a possible case of using foundations bank accounts as a cover-up for money-laundering and diversion of donor aid.”