September 21, 2019

NHIF under pressure to cover kidney post-transplant medication

Nearly 30,000 patients on dialysis and their relatives have signed a petition demanding that the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) covers post-transplant medication for all and not just civil servants.

According to Daily Nation, the petition by the Renal Patients Society of Kenya (RPSKe) currently has 27,047 signatures in the push to make the insurer pay for up to three drugs known as an immunosuppression treatment, which costs Sh40,000 a month. The drugs are to be taken for life.

The petitioners say that patients who need kidney transplants keep off the surgery due to the prohibitive cost of post-operations drugs.

“NHIF covers dialysis and transplant costs but does not include the meds they need for life after transplant,” reads the petition problem which has been put up on

Mr Gilbert Osoro, Manager, Benefits and Contracting at NHIF explained that unlike other contributors, the benefits package for civil servants is comprehensive, hence the differences in