‘Nilimwambia afunge zip’ Didmus Barasa defends himself after slapping contractor

Didmus Barasa
Didmus Barasa. [Photo: Courtesy]

Kimilili MP Didmus has publicly denied assaulting a contractor on Friday in the full glare of cameras.

The MP’s version of what transpired left a section of the resident cracked up as he explained that he only tried to alert the contractor Stephen Masinde that his trousers were unzipped.

“Mimi nilikua naenda tu kumuambia afunge zip kwa sababu niliona najaribu kumfinyia macho lakini naona ni kama network yake haishiki vizuri ikabidi mimi mwenyewe niende nimuambie. (I kept winking at him and telling him to zip his pair of trousers but he did not understand the message),” Barasa stated.

He says, however, that when arrived at the Baptist Lurare Primary School, he found classrooms locked.

Barasa accused Masinde of sending pupils out of class and locking the classrooms in protest of unpaid renovation works that he did under the constituency’s NG-CDF.

But, the event captured on camera points to an altercation between Barasa and Masinde.

In the clip, Barasa is seen agitated while Masinde, standing a few meters from the MP, looks in the opposite direction.

All of a sudden, Barasa swings a hefty slap on his face. The slap momentarily destabilizes Masinde who is a musician and campaigned for Barasa.

He reported the issue at Kimilili Police Station and is asking the police to expedite the investigation.

Masinde has accused Barasa of lacking humility and disrespecting him after demanding what is rightfully his.