No old man can match Guardian Angel, Esther Musila says after engagement

Esther Musila. [Photo: Courtesy]

Esther Musila, the fiancée to gospel musician Guardian Angel has broken the ice after a lot of ill talk following her engagement last week.

Musila is 51 years old while Guardian Angel is 32. Last week.

Guardian went down on one knee and proposed to her once more.

Since then, Musila has been a subject of debate sections trolling her for dating a younger man.

On Wednesday during an interview with Spice FM, Musila said she does not regret her decision to spend her life with Guardian.

She stated that no older man would give her the joy that Guardian gives her.

“If I had met a 55-year-old man, maybe, according to what I should be with, he would never match Guardian. He would never fit in Guardian’s shoes. Age is nothing but a number,” she said.

When they first met, Musila was not looking for love. “When I met Guardian I was not looking for love. I wasn’t looking to be in a relationship.”

Weeks later, love blossomed between them and her first worry was what people would say of their relationship. Guardian remained unbothered about this.

However, she dealt with the insecurities of what people would say about her. Once she was done, not even their age difference separated her from Guardian.

“For me, it is not about the age. I don’t even think about how old he is,” she confessed.

With the trolls, Musila has had to learn how to love herself first because she does not want to live an unhappy life in her next phase of life.

“If I’m not happy then my relationship will never be okay. I will never be able to fit in the way I want. I’ll be forcing things which I have done in the past and I am not ready to live my next life making the same mistakes I did,” she said.