September 20, 2018

No second wife, Ali Kiba’s Kenyan wife says

Tanzanian Bongo Superstar Ali Kiba with his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef. [courtesy]

Amina Khalef, wife to Tanzanian Bongo superstar Ali Kiba has spoken tough on her allowing her newly wedded husband to marry a second wife.

The Mombasa-born accountant said she would never vouch for Kiba to marry a second wife unless it is solely due to God’s will.

“Siwezi mruhusu japo Mungu ndiye anapanga,” Amina told Tanzania’s Cloud FM.

In English it loosely translates to: “I would never allow unless it is God’s will.”

Being a Muslim, Kiba is allowed to pick several wives as long as he is able to maintain them.

The two tied the knot on April 19, at Masjid Ul Kulthum mosque in Kizingo. The exclusive nikaa ceremony was only attended by close family members to the two and friends were allowed to the ceremony.

Among the dignitaries who attended Kiba’s high-flying ceremony were Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, his brother Abubakar Joho (Abu).

Amina disclosed that she met her newly wedded husband during his frequent visits to Mombasa when Governor Joho was campaigning.

“I met Ali Kiba during his frequent visits to Mombasa, which were during Joho’s campaign period, when he was contesting for the governorship,” she told the Star’s Word Is.

The couple is set to fly to Italy for their honeymoon soon. Word has it that Kiba is currently inking juicy business deals in Kenya and South Africa.



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