Notorious ‘ghost’ terrorizing Coast residents arrested in Shanzu

A suspect who has been robbing residents donned in his ghost like attire. [Photo: Courtesy]

For three years, residents of Malindi and Mtwapa in Kilifi have been living in fear of a ghost robber who terrorizes them in the night.

On Thursday, police finally arrested the young suspect who has been donning a ghost-like attire with the graffiti of a skeleton.

He was arrested in Shanzu after years of using his ingenuity to steal from people’s houses at the Coast.

The ‘ghost robber’ waylays people at night and ambushes them. Most of them take off leaving behind all they were carrying.

Residents to Kisauini too had complained of this ghost that was terrorizing them little did they know it was a human being in a ghost attire.

The suspect operated in the gang-ridden territory of Kisauni in Mombasa County where police officers have been dealing with deadly gangs.

On May 9, a gang attacked locals of Kisauni brandishing knives.

They stabbed at least 10 people in the deadly robbery spree.

Witnesses say it was a gang of at least 50 people who raided the town and attacked people at Stage ya Paka.

They are reported to have emerged from the nearby Bashir Slim in Bamburi. They slashed innocent residents while others went on a looting spree.

Area police boss Daniel Mumasaba said police were on top of things and arrested two suspects.