Nyambura lost her teaching in 2020 but is running a successful mobile barbershop

Elizabeth Nyambura
Elizabeth Nyambura. [Photo: Courtesy]

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck in 2020 and Elizabeth Nyambura lost her teaching job in Thika but, she did not lose hope.

It was not an easy moment for her as she tried to think out of the box to sustain her life.

And this is when the idea of a mobile barbershop came along. It was a good option as she wouldn’t incur overhead costs such as rent and the headache of hunting for a prime location for business.

Nyambura decided to offer her services on a mobile basis, which has been her holy grail a year later.

She told NTV in an interview on Sunday that her personalized services have gained traction, and she has a widening customer base.

“So I started shaving from one house to another, then from estate to estate, and it has been an exciting journey,” Nyambura stated.

At the time, there was a nationwide lockdown, and people barely walked out. This is where she found a business opportunity.

She moved from one estate to another and sold her business in a client’s preferred location. By and by, she grew her business in ways she cannot imagine.

“Some clients request for my services as early as 6 am or way into the night, and I usually make my way to their location,” she added.

Her biggest challenge is overcoming the pessimism projected by some people due to offering barber services in clients’ homes and offices.

But she works within the confines of Covid-19 protocols and is happy with her progress in life.

She says her new career is much better than the 12 years that she spent teaching.

She plans to open a barbershop and continue with the mobile services. Nyambura believes this is good for both markets.