Nyashinski talks of ‘hard’ life in US that forced him to return to Kenya

Award-winning Kenyan rapper Nyashinski. [Photo courtesy]

Celebrated Kenyan rapper Nyamari Ongegu popularly known as Nyashinski has spoken of his life’s reflection when he moved to the US together with his family.

He was a famed musician in Kenya but when the opportunity arose to move to Delaware, he saw it as an opportunity to open a new chapter in his life.

This cut short his musical career.

However, his dreams of what life in the US would be like would turn out to be the complete opposite; it did not favour him at all. 

“When we moved abroad, I had completely quit music. I was working back in the States as a truck driver. I used to drive a lorry, trying to survive,” he said in his YouTube channel which he premiered recently.

Nyashinski says he had hard times adjusting to his new life. His only company was a truck which was driving.

This made him reflect on his life and wondered why he would leave Kenya where he had a social life and a good career.

“That experience taught me a lot. Two things that were life-changing for me back then was one, when I was here, I was a star. People recognised me everywhere and we were doing what we loved. I moved from a place where I was known and getting a bit of favours here and there to a place where no one knows me.

“No special treatment and you must work because you have to eat,” he recalled.

Nyashinski recalled being on the road for long hours with no one to talk to except the few people you meet when you are fuelling.

“You only stop to fuel, sleep, shower and use the bathroom. So you find yourself enjoying small conversations with people you meet for five minutes. At least it was a way from that cage.”

One thing that he enjoyed though, was that he would walk freely since no one knew him unlike in Kenya where celebrity life follows you everywhere.

With his passion for music, a friend of his in the States urged him to go to the studio and record which he gave a thought to.

“So back in the States, my friend told me to just go in studio and exert that pressure as a lyricist. I did not have to release the songs. But I found myself listening to a beat, creating a song and then wanting to perfect it and then I want people to listen. That is how I found myself back into the music world and came back home,” he espoused.

After his return, he has become a Kenyan sensation with hit after hit.