Nyeri-born truck driver found dead in Uganda, cause of death unknown

A Kenyan truck driver was found dead in his cabin in Uganda. [Photo courtesy]

Police in Uganda are investigating the death of a Nyeri-born truck driver who was found dead in Busitema, Uganda last week.

Samuel Kinyua Wangware’s body was found lying in his truck’s cabin at the Busitema revenue checkpoint by one of his truck driver friends, Paul Njoroge.

The 35-year-old hails from Mathira Constituency in Nyeri.

Njoroge said he was on his way to Nairobi from Kampala when he spotted the deceased’s truck parked at the revenue checkpoint when he decided to stop and greet him.

“I was heading to the Malaba border, saw his truck and stopped to greet him but unfortunately, I found him dead,” Njoroge said as reported by Nairobi News.

Police in Uganda’s Busia District led by Police Commander Eriya Elepot now says that preliminary findings show that the deceased died of natural causes.

Kinyua’s colleagues say he had complained of being unwell and was last seen on Friday at the checkpoint where he changed a punctured tyre and retreated to his cabin to rest.

Elepot said that they are working with health officials from the district to ascertain what caused his death.

A medical team from the region disinfected the truck which he was found just in case he died of coronavirus. Upon searching his truck, no certificate for coronavirus was found.

Each truck driver is required to produce a certificate showing that he is COVID-free before being allowed to enter or leave the Kenyan border.

Kinyua was headed to Kikajo in Kampala where he was delivering bags of hydrogen carbonate. He entered Uganda through the Malaba border.

Dr Yusuf Lule said that a post mortem will be conducted at the Busia Health Centre IV mortuary to reveal his cause of death.

He also said that they will get in touch with Malaba border point officials to know if or not Kinyua was COVID-19 positive or negative.