Nyeri KMTC Director rescues street children, takes them back to school

Mithamo Muchiri. [Photo: Facebook]

Mithamo Muchiri, a Nyeri-based politician has become the talk of the town over his benevolence.

On Friday as he went on with his daily activities, he bumped into a street child who begged him for food.

When he accepted, he got into a nearby hotel but the young boy told hi he could not eat because his colleague was put waiting for him.

Muchiri allowed the young boy to get his friend and join in the meal. While having the meal, he engaged them in a conversation to know more about them.

Muchiri who is the director for Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in Nyeri said the two young boys were orphans from Kiawara in Kieni Constituency.

They had been living with their grandmothers but poverty pushed them out of school.

When they were done taking their meal, he drove both of them back to the village, kilomteres away from Nyeri town and made arrangements on their return to school.

“So I drove them to their grandmothers where we agreed to take the boys to school. Thereafter, we went to the sub-chief who committed to take them to school on Monday morning,” he posted on Facebook.

He paid their school fees for one year and bought them new uniforms.

His kind act has been lauded by Kenyans saying that he has showed fatherly love by taking the two boys back to school.

“Besides being a leader, he acted like a loving father who wants to have his kids acquire education,” Eustus Kinyua wrote.

Beth Wacera added: “If Kenya had such leaders, we would sleep knowing that the life of generations to come is secured.”

After a 10-months break from school due to COVID-19, the government issued a directive to the Education Ministry to ensure all learners are back in class January 4 when schools reopened.

President Uhuru Kenyatta asked Chiefs to ensure that all learners in their location go back to school.

“To guarantee that no child is left behind I hereby direct and order as follows; That the Ministry of Interior shall, through all chiefs, account for all children within their jurisdictions.