Obuong’s mother: My son lived a high-end life and was jobless, his grandmother paid his rent

Obuong. [Photo: Courtesy]

Hours after a lifeless body of Elijah Obuong was found on Thursday in Murang’a, his mother Caroline says she was not happy with the company her late son kept.

Obuong was one of the Kitengela quartets who went missing on April 19 together with his friends Benjamin Imbai (30), Jack Ochieng (37) and Brian Oduor (35).

His mother stated that he raised Obuong to be of good character and was a staunch Seventh Day Adventist.

She says that she is sure Obuong did not engage in criminal activities but his company cost him his life.

“My son was a staunch Adventist and did not take alcoholic drinks. He only had friends of questionable character,” she told People Daily.

She said that Obuong was “collateral damage” and that it was evident as his body only had a few bruises.

Obuong’s mother said this was a painful period for her losing the firstborn son and leaving his family behind.

“It is painful. It is cruel and merciless to kill such an innocent, harmless person. My firstborn son has died a cruel death leaving his only other brother and us,” she quipped.

On Thursday, Imbai’s body was found near a riverbank close to where Obuong’s body was found. It has been wrapped in a sack and upper limbs were reportedly missing.

A third body believed to be Ochieng’s was found at the General Kago Funeral Home on Thika.

The four men are said to have spent some time at a Kitengela pub on April 19 and enjoyed nyama choma and a few drinks then left to the parking lot.

Since then, they were not seen and their Toyota Mark X was found abandoned metres away from the pub.

Three days before Obuong went missing, his mother says that his four-wheel-drive vehicle was involved in an accident and was written off. He had bought it using money sent to him by his grandmother who lives abroad.

His mother who lives in a palatial home in Kajiado while Obuong lived in Kayole said that the family had been paying Obuong’s rent all through.

He is reportedly said to have been living large.

“My son used to live a high-end lifestyle and drive flashy cars but he was jobless. We as a family fund his lifestyle and cater for his bills. His grandmother, who is abroad, would send him enough money,” his mother said.