Omosh speaks of relationship with celebrity sister ‘Alison’ after struggles

Ex-Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh and his sister Naomi Kamau. [Photo: courtesy]

After weeks of speculation that all is not well between former Tahidi actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh and his celebrity sister Naomi Kamau, he has come clean.

Omosh on Friday while speaking to KTN said that his plight which came to the limelight a few weeks ago did not mean that Naomi who is also a revered thespian did not help him.

He recalled that it was his sister who had to part with more than Ksh300,000 to pay for his rehabilitation. 

Omosh has struggled with alcohol addiction for years and it ended up ruining his life.

“We are in good terms. My sister Naomi stood with me at my lowest. God bless her,” Omosh said.

He was responding to questions by Kenyans who asked why Naomi let his brother suffer to a point that he had to ask for help from his friends to put food on the table for his five children and two wives.

Naomi popularly known as Allison of Mother-In-Law found herself in murky waters as Kenyans criticized her for allegedly turning a blind eye on the plight of his brother.

However, she came out saying that as a family, they have stood with Omosh.

“Before you start crucifying us online as a family for neglecting our brother, reach out and get our side of the story, no sane human being can neglect his or her blood relation. 

“Omosh is our brother and we love and care, we’ve done everything humanly possible to stand with our brother and we’ll still do over the years, come sit us down we reason together, I’ll stop it at that coz these are issues we don’t want to share with the media, we’re a family and we’ll try sort our shit,” she said.

After coming out on his struggles, Kenyans of goodwill came through for Omosh and his family.

Omosh was gifted a piece of land in the outskirts of Nairobi and construction of a house is underway courtesy of well-wishers.