Once an alcoholic, Jimwat is now reformed, but people still reject, judge him

Jimwat. [Photo: Courtesy]

After years of battling alcoholism that left his music career on the death bed, James Wathigo, alias Jimwat struggles with rejection.

The’‘Under 1″ hitmaker says society is still harsh on him, and he has had to deal with people’s judgment.

His battle with alcoholism has positive and negatives, he says.

Since he came out of Nairobi Rehab, Jimwat has controlled his urges or alcohol and made amends with his daughter, who he fathered at a young age.

Then, fame was his thing; little did he know that alcoholism would dim his shining star in music.

Today, he says that people do not think he is serious with life, given his ugly past with alcohol.

“It affects your career as well; sometimes you go to the studio and people judge your sanity and ability. When you release songs, no matter how big, people won’t look at them the same way,” he told The Standard in an interview.

He added that being ostracized or condemned by society can plunge a victim into depression.

Jimwat noted that he has dealt with instances where people give him weird looks while in social spaces, which does more harm than good.
” It can be depressing when you feel like society does not need you, even people who used to be close friends,” he expressed.

But, the’‘Sitoi KituKidogo” hitmaker remains unbowed and will not give in to anything that got him into the mess that is alcoholism.

Jimwat is still hopeful that his star will shine once more now that he is sober and understands just how much alcohol can ruin lives.

He is now a mentor to upcoming artists even as he regains his status as a musical king in the industry.