Once bombed Paradise Beach Resort in Kikambala on sale for Ksh800 million

Paradise Beach Resort Kikambala
Paradise Beach Resort Kikambala. [Photo: Courtesy]

Paradise Beach Resort in Kikambala that was once in ruins after a terror attack is selling at Ksh800 million.

In 2002, three Al Qaeda-linked terrorists stripped with suicide bombs blew themselves up at the hotel killing 18 people and left 80 others with injuries.

The hotel is owned by Israeli nationals and sits on a 20-acre piece of land. It overlooks the Indian Ocean and has been operating for the last 20 years.

Paradise Beach Resort is popular among international tourists visiting the Kenyan Coast.

At the time of the terror attack, it is believed that the three suicide bombers were targeting Israeli nationals staying at the hotel.

Out of the 18 casualties reported, three of them were Israeli nationals.

The extent of damage was severe with both wings of the hotel going up in flames burning everything in the hotel.

Years later, it was reconstructed and advertised to international tourists who visited it.

A quick check on online hotel booking company Trip Advisor reveals that Paradise Beach has had a lot of positive reviews.

It is not clear why the hotel is up for sale but it is speculated that depressed profits due to Covid-19 have led to the decision.

This was the first Israeli-owned establishment in Kenya to be targeted by terrorists.

In 2013, West Gate Mall in Westlands, owned by an Israeli was also destroyed when terrorists struck.