Only you can fight cartels in Nairobi, don’t resign, Sonko told

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko at JKIA shortly before he left for Mozambique. [pscu]

A top city lawyer has appealed to Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to shed away the thought of resigning.

Two days ago, the Governor who seems troubled in running the county turned to his Facebook followers where he hinted at the possibility of resigning.

“Lakini pia mujue hii kazi imekua ngumu iko karibu kunishinda na sio mambo ya flag hizo nimekubali kutoa as adviced by Karanja Kibicho na Ndegwa but nitawambia very soon ni kwanini ndio muniadvice iskue kama yule my bro aliehepa bila kuconsult,” he wrote.

In English, it loosely translates to: “But you should know this work has been difficult and it’s not all about removing the flag as advised by Karanja Kibicho na Ndegwa Muhoro, I will tell you very soon so that you advise me on the way forward.”

If this is the case, Sonko could be the first sitting Governor in the history of Kenyan politics to resign from office.

But lawyer Donald B Kipkorir passionately asked Sonko not to resign because he is the only person who can deal with cartels in Nairobi which have been in existence for the last 54 years.

“Governor Mike Sonko should withdraw his thoughts of resignation..For over 54 years, Nairobi City has been run by cartels.

Sonko has the street grit, chutzpah, support and charisma to bring down this institutional mafia,” he tweeted adding that bringing down such mafia “requires roughness which he (Sonko) has.”

Job Mwita agreed with Kipkorir but said it will be a tall order for Sonko to dismantle the cartels because some of them are his friends.

“Very true wakili, but the problem with him is one. You can’t bring down the same cartels who are your best friends.

Muthichilo Mike noted: “Governor Sonko has to prove himself he is street smart but that’s not enough [these] cartels have existed 55 yrs and they are like the foundation of Nairobi.”

Sonko said he will consult widely before coming up with a final decision.

He said he will not follow in the steps of his former deputy Polycarp Igathe who did not consult before resigning from his post.

Igathe resigned as Nairobi deputy governor citing lack of mistrust from the Governor.