OPINION: If Kenya needs Boniface Mwangi, it needs more than one of him

By Thuothuo Anthony- Jamhuri News

Boniface Mwangi just completed his book tour in the diaspora. Earlier this week, he expressed concerns on social media that some powerful people in the government had plans to harm him and his family. That led him to record a statement at the Central Police Station on Friday over these threats to his life.

While I do not support Boniface Mwangi’s political stunt, nobody should live in fear in a country they call home.

We need to exterminate our political system and replace it with fresh mindset leadership.

I do not believe Boniface Mwangi can do this alone, I do not even think he can do it if he maintains the political direction he has taken. He is a lone activist turning politician with a huge following.

To fix the leadership mess that Kenya has seen for decades, we don’t need another ‘Ababu Namwamba’ who came into parliament with similar energy as Boniface has today. He was the most vocal member of a parliament that was run by TNA (now Jubilee) until he realized one can not bring change alone; however courageous one may be. He ended up joining Jubilee.

Boniface Mwangi is vying for Starehe MP seat.

Fast-forward to September 2017>>>


Kenya has a new government. Jubilee or NASA won elections. Boniface Mwangi having run as independent, he fails to get a place in the government. He brings together the most vigorous opposition Kenya has ever seen. He’s named the minority leader in parliament. Every month for five years, Boniface and colleagues hold press conferences opposing the government. Same song Raila and team have been singing…just a different band.

After five years, Kenyans are now used to empty talks by the government and corruption is still there. Nothing changes, same ‘eating’, different stomachs. Boniface becomes another Joho.


Boniface Mwangi decides not to vie for any seat this year. He transmutes Pawa254 from an ‘Art Rising’ organization to ‘Kenya Rising’….a possible leadership and governance center for national development.

Mobilizes support from local and international bodies. Builds a national leadership network of growth oriented, corrupt free personalities.

Fast-forward to 2022>>>

Pawa254 is now registered as a political party. The party has over the past five years fostered fresh leaders in all counties and gained support. Now we have so many ‘Boniface Mwangis’. We have Boniface Onyango, Bonicafeee Achieng, Boniface Mutinda and Boniface Kenya! It’s a movement, but we will call it a party 🙂.

These are now people we can trust in government. This is you or me, or you and me.

After elections, we finally have a Wanjiku government. We may not have the majority, yet, but we can now have a voice in parliament. We can say no to a bill and it will not pass.


Boniface Mwangi stays away from politics. Keeps fighting for mwananchi from outside. It has (maybe) worked in the past. It could be the better option.

If Kenya needs Boniface Mwangi, it needs more than one of him. He has the capacity and influence to nurture more. Going alone may seem selfish or ignorant of the fact that ”mundu umwe ti mbogo” (Only a Buffalo has enough strength to take on a challenge alone)

*Humble opinion by Thuothuo Anthony*