Passersby rescue 23-year-old girl from suicide attempt at Chepkit Falls

Chepkit Falls
A young lady who was rescued from an alleged sucide attempt. [Photo: Courtesy]

Passersby on Tuesday rescued a 23-year-old student from Nandi who was just about to commit suicide.

The young college student wanted to end her life by jumping into Chepkit Falls.

When questioned, she opened up, saying she felt discouraged by her boyfriend, who dumped her for her friend.

Kenyans urged her to seek counseling to avert suicidal thoughts.
Others said it was not proper for anyone to die for love when things have become so hard.

“She looks too desperate and vulnerable. Imagine plunging your family into more desperation after your demise because of a boychild. Pick yourself up girl… Scout around and move on. I pity you already,” Dennitah Ghati said.

“You can mention to her how some of us have suffered heartbreaks plus being conned of money but we are still here so hopeful and lively! Because, them men don’t deserve to be dead for anyways,” Gladys Makokha said.

“More prayers to her and everyone that is feeling depressed, committing suicide is not a solution. Seek the face of God and be grateful for life, no boyfriend or girlfriend is worth you taking your life,” Carolyne Chemutai advised.

Some Kenyans had some words of wisdom for those criticizing for being ‘weak’.

“Those who think trying committing suicide its a form of weakness or being petty please sit down and rethink. People feel pain in different ways…there are people who can’t take certain levels of pain. You are all wrong if you think such people are supposed to think like you. Actually you are wrong if you think all people think like you. May God comfort such souls,” Lizz Steph said.