Pastor Godfrey Migwi who called out Uhuru over Ruai demolitions eyeing Mathioya parliamentary seat

House of Hope Pastor Godfrey Migwi. [Photo: Couretsy]

For the better part of 2021, renowned city pastor Godfrey Migwi has been laying strategies for his entry into the 2022 political scene.

He has not forgotten his humble beginning in Mathioya, Murang’a County where he plans on vying for a parliamentary seat.

Sources close to the man of God steering the House of Hope in Kayole disclosed that he has pumped Ksh5 million into his campaign as he seeks to dethrone the incumbent MP Peter Kimari.

In Mathioya, he has erected several billboards alerting the constituents that he will be on the ballot come 2022.

It is not yet clear which party Pastor Migwi will vie on.

Last year, he took President Uhuru to task following demolitions in Ruai that left hundreds of families out in the cold.

He took to his Facebook page where he shed tears and called out Uhuru citing inhumanity to innocent citizens.

“Rais akifanya makosa lazima aambiwe. Sahii manyumba zinabomolewa akiwa State House, akiongea kwa conference kwa zoom, akiletewa kila kitu anataka.

“Naskia uchungu mtu akibomolewa nyumba amejenga na loan na SACCO,” he said amid sobs.

Pastor Migwi said that he would not be cowed because he has a right to speak for the downtrodden in the society especially if it is the government doing this.

“Mtu mwenye hajawahi lala njaa hajui shida ni nini,” he painfully said adding “Mtu akiongea ananyamazishwa, akienda kwa TV lazima aweke jina yako hapo, akihubiri lazima aweke jina yako ndio asurvive kwa TV.”

Pastor Migwi enjoys a cordial relationship with Deputy President William Ruto. The DP has attended several church services at the House of Hope.

Recently, he was the guest of honour as Migwi launched a three-storey church block in Kayole.