Pastor who called out Uhuru over BBI says his phone has been ringing endlessly

Provost Wainaina
All Saints Cathedral Provost Canon Sammy Wainaina. [Photo: YouTube]

All Saints Cathedral Provost Canon Sammy Wainaina is a man who has won admiration from Kenyans following his stern message to President Uhuru Kenyatta over the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

In his sermon on Sunday, he called out President Uhuru for openly stating that Kenya loses Ksh2 billion daily citing that he should have used his position and state machinery to tame corruption.

In two separate interviews on Tuesday, he continued with his tirade against the proponents of the BBI not sparing the president for a second time.

Provost Wainaina told Spice FM that time has come for leaders to stop seeing themselves as “demigods” and accept that they are servants of the people.

“I think we have overrated our politicians. They have become our bosses and that’s why when they come to church, they want me who is their servant to give them a chance,” he said.

Speaking on BBI, he said that the document has some good proposals but also bears ugly ones as well which should not be forced on the people.

“The BBI has good, but it has bad which can be improved to become good through an objective discussion. It also has an ugly. So you can’t tell me to swallow the entire thing because it has something good or some small poison which will not kill,” he stated.

He called for an inclusive debate on whether to reduce or increase power for the Presidency whilst focusing on the same in the counties.

When he appeared for another interview with Citizen TV on Tuesday, Provost Wainana said his phone has been ringing off the hook.

He said majority of the callers are fellow Christians who thanked him for speaking the truth.

“I found it interesting because my phone today has been extremely busy and most of those who have called me are Christians. They have said ‘thank you’ for speaking on our behalf.”

He added that he is not worried of being branded an anti-BBI or anti-Uhuru agent.

“People can brand me whatever they want to brand me but I have a divine mandate. When I did the first sermon and talked about the hustler-dynasty narrative, I was branded anti-DP and the whole week I was bashed on that and I didn’t even respond. Yesterday, I was told that I am anti-president and BBI and I was also bashed for that,” he said.