Petition started asking Britain to review the case of Kenyan woman jailed for ”stealing over £50,000” from a disabled woman

BY Jamhuri News Reporter

A petition has been started to make Britain review the case of the Kenyan woman who was sentenced to two years in jail by a UK court.

The judge found Ms. Kisella guilty of three counts involving loss of over £50,000 belonging to a British woman that Ms. Kisella had been employed to take care of. (Recap here)

The petition has collected close to 400 signatures and it reads as quoted below.


PETITION (source:

“Richard and Katie Brindle recently moved from London to the neighborhood in Melles Somerset in 2011 and were introduced to Sarah Hillman as a family who were interested in supporting a charity in Africa.

Kisella travelled to the U.K and Ella approached her and told her that she had been promoted from a nanny to Kathleen Brindle’s personal assistant and that the post of a nanny was vacant hence advising Kisella as a family friend to come on board and fill the position which she did as a weekend nanny on part time basis in September 2013.

Kisella didn’t want to do that at first but after being begged decided to help
Due to the good work, she was doing for Kattie Brandie, The Woman awarded her some money as a gift and she immediately put it into a charity in Kenya. 

Richard Brindle Who has joined Forces to Jail a Kenyan for a crime she didn’t commit by saying she stole from Katie Brindle.

Kisella even has a note the woman wrote saying it was a gift.

Kisella has been dragged in courts ( that are being influenced ) by Richard Brindle and they now want to Jail her.

All the Jury was white
One person was heard saying ” All these Africans are thieves and should be Jailed
This is Pure racism. We demand that her case is reviewed because court is being used to settle personal differences
Please sign the petition, Tomorrow it may be you “