Phanice Chemutai, woman shot in Kitale on ‘mistaken identity’ speaks

Phanice Chemutai with Ken Muyundo. [Photo: Courtesy]

A woman shot last week by a businessman based in Kitale on mistaken identity for Caroline Kangogo has broken the ice.

The victim Phanice Chemutai, recuperating at the Kitale Referral Hospital, said she was shot after turning down his advances.

“I arrived at Kiminini market from my Kaptama home to help my sister get a birth certificate. I also wanted to look for a college I could join because I am a Form Four leaver. On reaching Kiminini town, I was caught up by curfew time forcing me to get a place to sleep,” Chemutai told the press on Sunday from her hospital bed.

This is where the trouble started going by her account. She saw a black car parked at the hotel where she and her sister spent the night, and the occupant (Muyundo) called her, but she hesitated.

“It was a black car packed in the corridor and the occupant a man in his early 50s called me but I hesitated. He called me for the second time and the third time he shouted at me saying ‘you girl, I’m calling you,” she recalled.

She was scared, but she decided to know what the stranger wanted.

It is then that Muyundo asked for her phone number and left.

When she settled in the room, Muyundo kept calling her, asking to spend the night together, but she turned him down.

Chemutai informed the caretaker, and together, they went to Muyundo’s car. The man asked Chemutai to get into his car to talk to her.

“He asked me to join him in the car because he wanted to have a brief talk with me. He then gave the caretaker a one thousand shillings note saying it was airtime and asked him to excuse us a bit,” Chemutai said.

Muyundo told her that “he had been longing for her for long,” yet this was the first time he saw her in Kiminini.

The young lady turned down the advances which are she was shot.

“After leaning on the passenger side I heard a gunshot sound.
Muyundo then started fuming and shouting that it is you Chemutai. I have been searching for you for a long time and I want to kill you,” she recalled.

The businessman dragged her out of the car and ordered her to lie down. He cocked his gun, and she let out a scream that alerted police officers of patrol.

The businessman told the police that he thought it was the fugitive cop Caroline Chemutai Kangogo.

Unconfirmed reports cite that the victim and the businessman had been drinking together earlier in Kitale before proceeding to Kiminini.

He was charged on Monday and released on Ksh200,000 cash bail.