[PHOTOS]: Meet Kinuthia, the creative who loves dressing in women outfit

Tik Tok star Kinuthia. [Photo: Kinuthia/IG]

There are many things creatives do to get the attention of their audience and establish a loyal fan base but one Kenyan creative only known as Kinuthia has a unique strategy.

If you watched him on Tik Tok and Instagram where he has a massive following in thousands, he passes of as a woman but he is a man.,

He dons a complete female outfit and make up included. This is his game and he nails it like a pro.

In front of his audience, he rocks a miniskirt or a short dress with a high-heel and gives a female pose, something that leaves his audience marveling about his creativity and mastery.

Interestingly, he is a father of two and a husband who takes family matters seriously. For him, the ‘female in him’ is just business which puts bread on the table for his family in an honest and genuine way.

He doesn’t speak much on why he chose to make a name for himself premised on the adopted female look but the truth is, he is a professional who does his thing well and it takes a keen eye to notice that he is not a woman but a man.

He enjoys a following of 142K followers on Tik Tok and 14K on Instagram. He never gets tired of impressing them.

Tik Tok star Kinuthia. [Photo: Kinuthia/IG]

Tik Tok star Kinuthia. [Photo: Kinuthia/IG]

Tik Tok star Kinuthia. [Photo: Kinuthia/IG]