Planning on travelling to US? Your social media history could thwart the trip

Kenyans seeking to travel to the United States have a reason to worry based on their activity on social media five years ago.

Their prospects to be granted a Visa is highly pegged on what they have been positing on Facebook and Twitter precisely.

Under the Donald Trump administration, a prospective individual who requires traveling to the US is required to submit his/her social media history for five years, reports Nairobi News.

The State Department in an announcement on Thursday said the administration will set up a programme sieving through Facebook and Twitter accounts of potential immigrants.

The move is largely seen to be a harness of what the administration has over time insisted that there will be extreme vetting of all immigrants entering the super power country.

Trump’s administration will step up these efforts that first begun with former US President Barrack Obama following the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Applicants will be will be required to give information about their handles on these two social media platforms and also other platforms as requested.

A State Department official who spoke to AFP on condition of anonymity said the new security procedures took effect on May 26 and will be further strengthened.

They were however, more concentrated on persons deemed to be a risk to the US.

In a memorandum by Trump on March 6, he pledged to institute tight control measures on who should enter the US and shouldn’t.