Plans by NASA to ‘dethrone’ Uhuru to gain momentum beginning January

NASA leaders are set to go for a retreat in mid-January with the aim of pushing the coalition’s agenda now that Kalonzo Muskoya is back in the country.

The agenda include planned “inauguration” for Raila Odinga.

The venue of the retreat is yet to be disclosed. ODM Chairman John Mbadi-also the Leader of Minority in Parliament said the date and venue will be released next week.

“We’ve not decided on the venue of the retreat and the exact dates, but the principals will communicate to their parties on Tuesday next week,” he told the Star.

Besides auditing the coalition’s progress, the retreat will strategize on how to dethrone President Uhuru Kenyatta.

NASA has refused to recognize Uhuru’s Presidency after the October 26 polls. The coalition leaders maintain Uhuru is “illegitimately” in office.

“The retreat is meant to push the NASA agenda and ensure its teams understand each other, the activities ahead and the endgame of everything being put in place,” Mbadi added.

The retreat according to insiders will also be used to heal emerging rifts within affiliate parties which threatens NASA’s unity.

Voices of dissent have been reported within ANC and Ford Kenya especially after House leadership positions were scooped by ODM.

The general feeling among the coalition partners was that ODM was sidelining them in leadership positions and also in making of important decisions.

The tiff was worsened by the election of Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi as Parliamentary Service Commission Chairman.

And even before the dust settled, Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nasir was elected the Chairman of Public Accounts Committee, edging out ANC which was eyeing the seat.

Also on the agenda will be strategies to enhance economic boycott called for by NASA after the bungled August 8 polls.

Companies such as Bidco, Safaricom and Brookside were mentioned as those that should be boycotted over their alleged role in bungling the polls.

NASA has promised to name more companies which purportedly aided Jubilee in rigging the Jubilee polls.

In a six-month calendar beginning January, NASA will hold street protest to exert pressure on Uhuru to step down.

“As stated earlier by NASA, no one will ever think of stealing an election in this country again…The calendar shows when we are swearing in Raila and Kalonzo and the way forward. It also has the endgame of the whole process,” added Mbadi.