Please accept our apologies, Caroline Kangogo’s parents plead with families of her victim

Ogweno with Kangogo

The parents of Corporal Caroline Chemutai Kangogo have asked for forgiveness from two families who lost their kin courtesy of cold-blooded murder by their daughter.

His father Barnaba Kipkoech Korir and mother Leah Jepkosgei Kangogo interviewed a local TV station on Wednesday said they are sorry about what has happened.

“Tunaambia familia mbili enye walipoteza watoto yao pole (We are apologizing to the two families that lost their loved ones),” her father said at their Nyawa Village home in Elgeyo Marakwet.

Caroline’s parents said they do not understand what is happening with their daughter.

They said Caroline is their firstborn and has been humble. But they regret that she took away the lives of Constable John Ogweno and Peter Ndwiga in the most bizarre murder.

Her mother said she is yet to understand what happened to her daughter that she got to a point where she is taking away lives.

“She did wrong by killing people. She could not have killed the two people however much she was harangued. She should have consulted us on any issue that is disturbing her. She is our firstborn child and I don’t know what the problem was that she had to kill the two. I have been shocked that she is a murderer,” her mother said.

Kangogo’s parents urged her to surrender, adding that she understands the law and knows how it works.

Her family held prayers at their home, praying for her, saying that a bad omen struck their family and ended up possessing their daughter.
Caroline went missing on Monday after allegedly murdering Ogweno in his car. They are both said to have had an affair.

His car’s engine was found running, and his driver’s window smashed. He had a bullet hole on the right side of the head.

She took off with his Ceska pistol. This is the weapon she is believed to have used in murdering a second police officer, Peter Ndwiga, in Juja.

She booked a room at Dedamax Hotel in Juja at 4 pm. She was captured by the hotel’s CCTV footage coming put at midnight.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) alerted the public to be cautious, adding that she has donned a buibui to disguise herself.