Please forgive me, matatu driver pleads with Tuju 16 months after accident

Raphael Tuju
Raphael Tuju embraces Bernard Muya Njuguna. [Photo: Courtesy]

Bernard Muya Njuguna, the driver of an ill-fated matatu that collided head-on with Raphael Tuju’s Toyota Prado on February 12, 2020, has asked for forgiveness.

On Sunday, Muya embraced Tuju after finishing his 52-kilometre walk to Kijabe Mission Hospital.

“Please forgive me for what happened, it was not my fault,” he said as they both laughed and embraced each other.

Muya sustained fractures on both legs but he has since healed.

The walk was a fundraiser to purchase better theatre equipment for the hospital which he credits his life to after the accident.

In a past interview, Tuju said that doctors at Kijabe Hospital saved his life in the first 40 minutes following the accident at Magina in Lari.

“Had there been a delay of any minutes, I would be long gone. The intervention 40 minutes after the accident is what made me live,” he recalled in an interview with Citizen,” he told Citizen TV in a past interview.

He was left nursing broken ribs which pressed his lungs making breathing difficult.

A team of doctors at Kijabe Mission Hospital performed a fast, life-saving procedure by cutting and stitching his intestine which had ruptured.

Another delicate chest operation was conducted to ease his breathing. Doctors told him later that this would have been fatal if it was left to continue.

Tuju was then airlifted to Karen Hospital and admitted to the ICU for a week before flying to the UK for specialized treatment at the Wellness Centre London Hospital.

He managed to raise Ksh9.3 million in the walk out of his Ksh14 million target.