Posh home turned into prayer center donated by Kenyan couple in Boston launched

Mt Zion Prayer centre
Mt Zion Prayer centre in Thika. [Photo: Karangu Muraya]

A Kenyan couple based in Boston, US Dr John Mwaniki and his wife Pastor Naomi Mwaniki has stunned Kenyans with their benevolence.

The couple gifted their posh home in Salama, Thika to prayer warriors. The humongous mansion is now a prayer center christened Mt Zion Prayer Center.

On May 15, the house was dedicated to the ministry led by gospel artiste Karangu Muraya together with a battery of pastors and worshippers of Ezra Ministry which Pastor Naomi founded.

Pastor Naomi is the Director of Ezra Ministry which comprises Ezra TV and Ezra Christian Radio.

Speaking during the launch and dedication of the new prayer center, Pastor Naomi who joined the proceedings online expressed gratitude.

“This is the doing of the lord. We give him all the glory and honour,” he said.

Dr Mwaniki in his speech said that the decision to turn their beautiful home into a prayer center was compounded by teachings in the bible.

He said that it is important for people to have a place where they can seek the face of God and talk to him through prayer.

“God will choose one place in the whole country where all tribes will congregate to praise him,” he said in his speech.

Dr Mwaniki also addressed the worshippers at the prayer center online.

Alluding to biblical teachings, he said that Mt Sinai was a meeting point between God and those he chose, therefore, it is important to have a nice place where people can talk to God.

He said that that Mt Zion has a lot of significance in the Christian life as Jerusalem where it was located was the place where the Great King David was born.

Pastor Mwaniki moved to the US in 2009. It is while here that God told her “tell my people to pray.

Mt Zion Prayer Center has boarding facilities.

Pastor Naomi started her prayer ministry back in the US with a group of women. She soon launched “Itaha ria muoyo” prayer line which continued for four years.

In 2014, she launched her radio ministry – Ezra Christian Radio. When the pandemic struck in 2020, she launched Ezra TV ministry.

“In 2021 we got the vision of this mountain, Mt Zion and this far, the Lord has brought us,” she said.

Through her ministry, she feeds the poor and educates bright but needy students from all over the country.

At Mt Zion prayer center, Pastor Naomi offers that it is the ultimate place of healing.

“It will be a place of healing. You can’t get into Mt Zion, the mountain of God and come out without healing.”

On May 4, Karangu thanked Pastor Naomi for her selflessness.
“You ask why some people are so blessed……imagine building a beautiful home like this and for your love, in the body of christ you make it a prayer center…..Mt zion prayer center…

“This is what Naomi Mwaniki from Boston USA and Director of EZRA ministry and EZRA Media has done to Thika people Salama Estate and Kenyans at large,” he remarked.