Prime Minister, opposition leader positions? Forget it, Jubilee tells clergy

Natiobnal Council of Churches in Kenya Secretary General canon Peter Karanja (l). []

The National Council of Churches in Kenya (NCCK) has proposed creation of auxiliary positions in government to accommodate opposition losers.

On Tuesday, NCCK Secretary General Canon Peter Karanja proposed that there be created the Prime Minister’s position, deputy and official leader of the opposition positions respectively.

Their appointment, he said, will be made by President Uhuru Kenyatta. He added the PM and his deputy will sit in the Cabinet and also answer to Parliament.

Canon Karanja said this will allow for inclusivity in government.

He also said the three should be picked from the second party that got the highest number of votes in the repeat polls.

“We call for the restoration of the position of official opposition leader and his deputy in Parliament as it was in the old Constitution,” said the SG according to the Star.

He said creation of the position of official leader of opposition will “dignify” its work which will be to hold the government of the day accountable.

However, this proposal has been pigeonholed by Jubilee leadership.

Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi said NCCK’s proposal is ill-advised.

The Senator explained such is not prescribed in the Constitution.

“What is NCCK saying on the question of inclusivity? They are saying inclusivity can only be realized when Raila has a seat, when Kalonzo has a seat…The big problem is Raila vied for Presidency and he failed. He has nowhere to go Kalonzo also has nowhere to go according to the Constitution and the same for Mudavadi,” said Wamatangi on Kameme FM.

He added: “This inclusivity will make them [NASA] get to a point and start thinking they need the position of Prime Minister and deputy Prime Minister.”

He said Raila should be content with NSA being represented by Minority Leaders in Parliament and the Senate.

“The new law says somebody like Raila should he decide he is vying for Presidency is vying for it and its further states that should you be defeated, you are out of the game and you will be represented by a person you appoint to represent you in the Senate or Parliament.”