Prime suspect in Jennifer Wambua’s unfit to stand murder trial

Jennifer Itumbi
Slain NLC official Jennifer Itumbi. [Photo: YouTube]

Peter Mwangi Njenga alias Ole Sankale, the prime murder suspect for in the killing of Jennifer Wambua is unfit to stand trial.

Wambua deputy director of communication at the National Land Commission (NLC).

A mental assessment test on the suspect declared him of unsound mind, therefore, cannot stand the murder trial.

Jennifer’s body was found dumped in Ngong last month.

Mwangi has a disdainful criminal record with most of his charges being theft, robbery with violence and rape.

The Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau (CRIB), Cyber Crime, Scenes of Crime and Special Service Unit (SSU) divisions of the DCI placed the suspect at the scene of the murder.

“They managed to establish eyewitnesses who saw the suspect with the deceased the last time she was seen alive on March 12th 2021, at the scene and thorough repeat combing of the scene they stealthily managed to pick crucial exhibits.

“The exhibits were professionally marked, packaged and presented for forensic examination. The forensic results are finally out, positively matching the suspect,” DCI said.

Investigations so far reveal that Jennifer’s murder has a unique signature that Mwangi always left in his other murders.

Police records show that he robbed violently, raped his victims and then killed them.

A report issued by the government pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor who conducted an autopsy of Jennifer’s body confirmed that she was sexually assaulted.

The Principal criminal registrar records and Prisons where the suspect has served jail time in the past concurred that he indeed had a unique style of murdering his victims.

Mwangi 1996, was charged with stealing and was further charged three times with the offences of robbery with violence and rape. On January 15th 2003, he was convicted and sentenced to death at Kibera Senior Resident’s Magistrate Court.

However, he secured his freedom in mysterious ways which the DCI is now pursuing to put an end to his criminal works.

He is said to have committed similar murders in Ngong area which had turned to his operation base.

“Detectives found several other reported cases of the same nature committed by the same suspect and in particular within the same vicinity where he committed the crime. The suspect was found to have had several previous criminal records,” DCI added.